Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons SD Should Be Going Crazy About The Patriots Coming To Town

This post was inspired by Zino's Top 10:

Top Ten Reasons:

San Diego Should Be Going Crazy
About The Patriots Coming To Town

10. We’ll get to hear even more audio clips on Scott and BR about Junior Seau being
a “backdoor man”!

9. There are so many New England transplants here you can taunt someone new at every

8. The constant and rolling rumble of 18-1 chants…….all night long on October 12th.

7. The bitter sting for Boston fans knowing that they knocked off the Angels but this
So Cal team helped start the Patriots downward spiral.

6. When Brady is doing interviews on the sideline we’ll get to hear that he’s filming the
sequel to ZOOLANDER in his spare time.

5. The number of asterisk posters this week will make you think that its 2007 and Barry
and the Giants are in town.

4. When Randy Moss finishes with 2 catches again….he’ll go to the Gaslamp and try to
hit a parking enforcement officer like he did in Minnesota…...

3. The settlement from Moss’ crime will help pay off the City of San Diego’s pension issues
for its employees.

2. Bill Belichick is a dick……..

And the #1 reason San Diego should be
Going Crazy about the Patriots coming to town…

1. Win or lose we won’t be warming up our cars and scraping the ice off of our
windshields this winter. SUCK IT BOSTON!!!

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